Combined polarized cucumber fruit extract, arnica and collagen whisk away redness and irritation. We can’t take away your bad day, but we can make you look like it never happened.
3 bio-cellulose face masks per package - 1 per sachet

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Calms skin, reduces inflammation and redness. 
Cucumber Fruit Extract is a superfood for the skin - contains proteins, lipids and minerals made more powerful with Quanta polarization technology
Arnica - flower-power! Plant-based anti-inflammatory power used for brusing, swelling, redness rendered even more powerful thanks to Quanta's polarization technology
hydrolyzed collagen - replaces skins natural collagen that depletes over time - - polarized using Quanta technology


Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, propanediol, pentylene glycol, cocos nucifera fruit extract, tremella mushroom, sodium hyaluronate SMW, sodium hyaluronate MMW, sodium hyaluronate LMW, xanthan gum, allantoin, Polarized cucumber fruit extract, niacinamide B3, Aspen Bark, Manuka Honey, Rose extract, Lavender essential oil, kakadu plum, vitamin A, resveratrol, agave americana stem extract, Polarized hydrolyzed collagen, ferulic acid, vitamin e, caffeine.

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